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●Supports a large format camera, up to 1.9 inch sensor size.
●Use of the high luminance LED enables high maintainability.
●The world's only autofocus system that utilizes line sensor (one-dimensional image sensor).
●Supports both high-reflectance material surfaces and low-reflectance surfaces such as paper or filters. Also performs well on glass and transparent plastic, which is not possible with other methods. Our sutofocus system is high-functioning, and there are few unsuitablesamples.
●World's leading tracking performance. Newly-developed two-line-sensor method for high-speed tracking of undulations and slopes can maintain continuous focus even when tracking a glass substrate moving on a high-speed stage at 2m/s.
*With a 20X objective lens and vertical displacement of ±150μm.
●Supports a broad range of magnifications from macro to micro.


Correspondence objective lens Nikon, Olympus, Mitutoyo
Correspondence camera C-mount CCD camera (CCD size 2/3" or less)
Drive division Resolving power 0.078μm / 1 pulse
Drive division Travel Standard 4mm (changeable up to 10mm)
Focusing system Line sensor method
Search range ±250μm(object lens 20×)
Search time 0.3 sec of less per search(in the above conditions)
Accessory Dedicated controller auto focus
Target sample Metal surface, glass, plastic surfaces, such as paper
Power source AC100 to 240V,50/60Hz
Power cable length 2m
Electrical power consumption 0.42 to 1A
Ambient Temperature and humidity 10 to 40℃/20 to 80%(non-condensing)
AF controller Outside dimension W254mm×D332mm×H75mm(Not including protrusions, however)
AF controller Weight 3.3kg
Option External operation box(PI/Oports)
Drive motor 2PH stepping motor, 0.85A/phase(6V) or less (depends on the conditions)
Control function Stepped shift, return to origin, port operation, remote operation (option)
Drive frequency Maximum 20kHz
Return to origin Mechanical origin, the origin offset
Overrun Detection Limit switch
Communication function RS-232C、PI/O

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