Guidance of the sale end of the QT-AMH2 series

Dear sirs I am pleased at time when a bottom is I'm glad to hear that you are well and prospering more and more.

I have particular favor and am always very grateful gratefully.

This time the production of GP-IB connector carried as an interface skillful with an electronic measurement as standard equipment will be finished.
Even if besides QT-AMH2(K) belonging to 2 high-performance axis controller driver QT-AMH2, QT-AMH2-35 carrying target GP-IB connector and controller driver operation box, QT-AMH2-35(K) are accompanied with this; in future only of RS-232C, an Ethernet (LAN) come to it-based, the product name is changed, too.
I hope that you examine the change to a succession product when it is put to the visitor with the thing with GP-IB connector becoming the maker production end.
I trouble a visitor, but ask to have it be understood.

If you have any any questions, please refer willingly to us, the business headquarters.

Chuo Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Director and Head of Sales Division Yoshiaki Endo

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