Auto-focus Microscopes


Auto focus Microscopes
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Auto Focus is capable of supporting their respective commercially available metal microscope Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Carl Zeiss.
By adopting ultra-thin drive unit AF AF unit (box type), eliminating the need for additional processing, modification of any microscope body.
Therefore, each unit by removing the auto-focus, you can revert to the original microscope.
Use of the line sensar method enables high-speed and high-reproducibility
Best suitable for transparent surfaces such as glass amd plastics
Applicable also to surfaces containing potholes of holes


Correspondence objective lens Nikon CF / IC series, Olympus UIS series 5 × ~50 × bright field (100 ×)
Correspondence camera C-mount CCD camera (CCD size less than 2/3 inches)
Drive division Resolving power 0.078μm / 1 pulse
Drive division Travel 4mm standard (Can be set up to 10mm)
Focusing system Line sensor method
Search range ±250μm(object lens 20×)
Search time 0.5 seconds of less per searc(in the above conditions)
Accessory Dedicated controller auto focus
Target sample Metal surface, glass, plastic surfaces, such as paper
Power source AC100~240V、50/60Hz
Power cable length 2m
Electrical power consumption 0.42~1A
Ambient Temperature and humidity 10~40℃/20~80%(non-condensing)
AF controller Outside dimension W245mm×D332mm×H75mm(Not including protrusions, however)
AF controller Weight 3.3kg
Option External operation box(PI/Oports)
Drive motor Phase stepping motor 0.85A / 2 following phase (6V) (by the Terms of Use)
Control function Step movement, homing, port operation, remote operation (optional)
Drive frequency Maximum 20kHz
Return to origin Mechanical origin, the origin offset
Overrun Detection Limit switch
Communication function RS-232C、PI/O

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